How does TryNow work?

As a shopper, you select the TryNow purchase option when adding items to your cart. At checkout, you will not be charged. An authorization for the full amount of your order will be placed on your card to reserve funds in the event you choose to keep your items, but you will only be charged for kept items. Your trial begins once the package is delivered, at which point you’ll have the length of the trial to try-on your items at home, decide what to keep, and return the rest.

How long do I have to try on my items?

You have 7 days to try your items on and send back what you do not want to keep.

Please note that in some situations your Trial may end earlier than the scheduled date. Changes to your order that may cause this include:

Multiple failed reauthorization attempts - We process reauthorizations in order to maintain the hold for the duration of your trial period. TryNow process reauthorizations as required by your card issuer and are not uncommon.

Exchanges - With TryNow once you exchange an item, that creates a new order which is not part of your trial. Since those items are sent free of charge, this triggers a charge for the original items that were exchanged. If you have any returns that were also processed at the same time as an exchange, you may see a partial credit for those returned items. Rest assured that you are typically still eligible to return items you did not love and should do so via the returns process.

Order Value Adjustments (i.e., Discounts, credits, etc.) – To avoid triggering the order to be captured for final payment we can only adjust pricing once the trial period is over.

Do TryNow orders have free shipping and free returns?

TryNow orders follow our normal shipping fees, including free returns.

I need more time -- can I extend my trial?

Yes! You can extend your trial up to 3 days maximum. Please reach out to us at or chat with us on our website.

My trial ended and I was charged but now I want to return something -- is this still possible?

Yes! All merchandise must be returned within 30 days of receipt with all LIVERPOOL tags attached. Merchandise marked as FINAL SALE cannot be returned or exchanged. You can process a FREE return through our returns portal here.

I've already mailed my return, but just got an email that I have 2 days left in my trial -- is there an issue with my return?
Your return only needs to be mailed before the end of the trial period, so you are all set! The trial-end reminders are automatic, but rest assured this does not mean there is an issue with your return.

Order credits or refunds are processed once a return is fully received and processed.

Rest assured that if a refund is required at any point, even after a trial has ended and a charge has been processed that refund will be processed. Refunds are processed back to the original form of payment at the time of checkout. Depending on your financial institution, the processing times for this can vary.