We hear it all the time from women who are on the move, from the moment they leave the house till they get home after a long day.  The classic question...“I want to look stylish, professional, feel comfortable and still look great all day. I need a pant that’s versatile, can be dressed up or down and not break the bank. Can you help?"
We’ll jump right to... Absolutely! This is the work pant that you didn’t know you needed.  Or you're thrilled to already know about.
MEET KELSEY! The most comfortable trouser that will go anywhere your day takes you!
Meet the Kelsey Trouser, from Liverpool Los Angeles. Introduced to the world in 2017, the Kelsey is Liverpool's number one selling style.
With thousands and thousands sold each year, these pants have become an international favorite among women of all ages.
Shop the most comfortable work pant for women! Multiple colors, patterns, lengths, and silhouettes! 
You know when you dress for one thing in your day, and you end up doing everything? One minute you are in an important meeting, and the next you’re packing that last minute box before FedEx closes. The Kelsey will keep you looking polished and put together because it’s the trouser that retains its shape no matter what comes your way.   Looks great with heels or sneakers and the comfort level is super high, the number one comment from avid wearers.
If you travel for work, don’t pack your suitcase without it. Super easy care with just a light touch-up when you reach your destination makes the Kelsey a travel must.  And versatile. If your trip includes a casual outing, wear them with a cute knit top and tennis shoes and you’ll still look professional.  Toss them in the washer when you get home and they're good for work the next day.
The original tried and true Kelsey has a tapered fit, but recently new leg styles have been added. A wide leg, flare and in spring-summer a crop join the lineup.
Need a full suit? Liverpool has a matching Boyfriend Blazer in Black, Maple or Cadet Blue that handles that request.
 Work from Wherever! Mix and match your trousers with blazers, knit tops, tennis shoes, heels! We could go on and on!
The great thing is Liverpool offers the Kelsey each season in a variety of solids and patterns. So, once you fall in love with this work pant solution (which we know you will) you can fill your closet with great colors and patterns and cross trousers off your 'office wear’ search list.
Women who wear the Kelsey call it a “Necessity,” a "God Send,” a "Miracle.” We call it the best ‘check all the boxes’ trouser made.
This is Liverpool Style.


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