The Liverpool Guide to Men's Earth Toned Dressing

Calling all men! Having trouble putting your outfits together? Liverpool is here to guide you. Earth-tone styles are a good starter in creating sophisticated looks and neutral colors can be incorporated effortlessly into any outfit. A tonal palette creates a refined aesthetic that exudes calm and comfort. Colors affect your mood, so wearing natural, earthy colors can help you feel more grounded and connected! That's why our men's collection of earth-tone styles includes a variety of neutral jeans, chinos, shirts, sweaters and trousers designed to make dressing a breeze.

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Our newest men's earth-toned styles are the cornerstones to great outfit creations.
Consider color when choosing transitional pieces. Earth-tones span the seasons effortlessly, and our styles exude a perennial aesthetic. From deep browns and rich greens in fall to lighter khaki and tan tones in spring, these colors are timeless..

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 Sweaters add texture and visual interest to an outfit and can create a unique, eye-catching statement. Our marled yarn sweater is a fantastic addition to every man's wardrobe.
While adding sophistication to any look, Liverpool sweaters are also incredibly comfortable, perfect for layering under jackets or coats when the temperature drops!

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The next time you're struggling with what to wear, consider this color palette. Experiment and play with earth-tone styles, mixing textures and patterns to create unique outfits. And remember, when in doubt, put it in neutral!

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