We thought it would be great to balance some good  with the bad news we’re hearing everyday. So, we’re introducing Tell Me Something Good!, a forum for you to post inspiring stories, funny quips, great memories or anything that you think will make us all feel a little bit better.

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We’re all in this together.
Love, Liverpool


After a tough year of my husband passing away, and not being able to see my kids and grandchildren because of Covid19, life is and will get better! My one year old granddaughter is starting to walk (even though I missed it)…I get to see her on Skype and my other son got engaged and is planning his wedding in the Smoky Mountains next April! Something to look forward to when all this grief finally ends! Life is rough right now but we can still climb mountains! God Bless and stay safe!

Karen Gulli May 24, 2020

I was in India on a bucket list trip to see One-horned rhinos when the virus hit. Our last leg of the tour which was my only shot to see rhinos was cancelled. I barely scored a flight home before all flights were cancelled. I am obviously sad that I didn’t get to see the rhinos but I made some wonderful new friends and have some amazing photos regardless. I’m sharing my photo joy here:

Suzanne May 24, 2020

I got engaged two weeks ago in the middle of all of this craziness! Even though we haven’t been able to celebrate with family and friends, we have been spending a lot of quality time together and planning my move (we currently live in two different states).

Sam April 13, 2020

My daughter in law sent me a picture of my grand daughter dressed as the Easter Bunny surrounded by bunnies and Easter eggs . She is 6 months old and it filled my heart with love!!

Jennifer April 13, 2020

This wonderful Easter Weekend gives a message to all people who have good health to thank God in your prayers and be thankful to be alive and well. Jo Ann April 12 – 2020

Jo Ann Yancey Smith April 13, 2020

What did the 300lb. canary say?

DENI April 13, 2020

This wonderful Easter weekend reminds me that I have nothing to fear!

Angie April 10, 2020

This wonderful Easter weekend reminds me that I have nothing to fear!

Angie April 10, 2020

Last week we celebrated a friend’s birthday using Zoom! So wonderful that we could make her day special in spite of social distancing 🥳🙂

Marlies April 10, 2020

This quarantine has allowed me to really get to know myself on a deeper level. It has allowed me the extra time to spend with my pets and the extra time to put time into my day dreams. I have been able to recreate my step aerobics class on my own to continue to stay physically active. It has brought me closer to my family, but most importantly myself. <3

Paulina April 07, 2020

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