MORE THAN BASICS: A Fresh New Wardrobe To Conquer A New Year

How many times have you looked through everything in your closet…twice… three times or even more?! You're not alone... Like many, trouble navigating what to wear on a daily is a problem. Liverpool Los Angeles is here to take the guesswork out of outfitting and shopping! These go-to items are what every woman needs in her closet to make life just a tad bit easier. We’re here to help you find pieces that will keep you looking fresh all year long with zero stress or guilt. Before we start… a piece of golden advice: When you can’t figure out what to wear... simplify and go classic.

LIVERPOOL ESSENTIALS: More Than Just Basics. New Year and a Fresh New Wardrobe

Speaking of classic, let’s start with the Fitted Blazer that goes with everything, literally.  Throw on a pair of jeans, a white Tee, this blazer, and sprinkle in some cute accessories and you are good to go!


Next up, the easiest and most comfortable staple of all, the pull-on jean.  Every woman needs a great pair of jeans! You truly can’t go wrong with the Gia GliderAhhhhh, a gift from the denim gods! Forget the stereotypes pull-on jeans may be known for... With an elastic waistband, faux zipper, button closure functional pockets, no one would know it's a pull-on. Known to be so soft and super comfortable, the Gia Glider has become a favorite! 

Liverpool Gia Glider Pull-On Jean

Your wardrobe really can’t be complete without a jean jacket now, can it? This Denim Jacket has stretch and isn’t stiff like others… meaning you can actually bend your arms and reach across the table for that glass of wine comfortably without anything holding you back. Umm, can you say GAME CHANGER?!

Liverpool Los Angeles Denim Jacket

Every woman needs a black trouser but has anyone ever found a pair that’s both comfortable and flattering?  WE HAVE! Try the Kelsey Trouser in black with a blouse or dress it down with a vintage Tee. These are breathable and COMFORTABLE!  Wearing these to work and not changing immediately after getting home will be a whole new way of life for you. 

The final step to creating a great wardrobe… a clean white blouse.  The Hidden Placket Shirt is perfect for every season and every setting.  From desk to dinner, you really can’t go wrong with this top. Try it with the trousers OR the jeans mentioned above.  See, it really can go with anything!


I hope this has helped you take one less item off of your to-do list.  Now, time to conquer the world! For more inspiration, follow us on Pinterest. Stay in the know and show us how you’ve styled your Liverpool essentials by tagging us on Instagram and following us on Facebook! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #LiverpoolLosAngeles. 

Essentially Yours,

Liverpool Los Angeles

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