Meet K’era Morgan, Los Angeles-based Mixed Media Artist

We’ve worked with Los Angeles-based mixed media artist, K’era Morgan during our AHA campaign last year (see here) and partnered with her last month for a fantastic giveaway. We wanted to highlight K’era again as we celebrate the month of strength. She has inspired us with her story and her art. Keep reading to see what K’era has been up to during quarantine and view some of the marvelous art pieces that she has been working on.

Where do you find inspiration for your art pieces? 
I find inspiration in nature, as it is with most artists, but for me, it’s the day-to-day around me and what’s happening in society. I use my artwork to process what’s happening in the world. 

What has inspired you to become an artist? 
It was natural for me when it came to art. I love being creative with my hands and it was my true calling. 

What do you do in your spare time when you’re not working on projects? 
I’m very active. I love the outdoors and body in motion. I enjoy surfing, hiking, and I’m also an avid reader.

That’s great! What’s currently on your reading list? 
I just finished a book called, "There There" by Tommy Orange. A friend just recently sent me a book called "Gather", a collection of poetry that I will pick up and read from time to time. 

Who did you look up to growing up? 
My mom, who I model myself off of in so many ways. Sewing was my mom's hobby. It wasn't her profession although, it could have been. She was amazing at whipping up anything from apparel, which she often did for herself and other family members - to pillows and curtains. She even sewed a wedding dress for a woman with whom she worked with, but couldn't afford a dress off the rack so my mom offered to make her gown. It was stunning!

Who have you collaborated with in the past? What brand would you like to collaborate with next? 
Daniela Corte who is based out in Boston. She’s a swimwear designer from Argentina and I was asked to design a fun print of kissing lips for her resort wear collection. I would really love to collaborate on a printed dress with a brand called FARM Rio based in Brazil next! 

Where do you want to travel next? 
Anywhere! My husband and I were planning a trip to cruise the Adriatic Coast with friends in early September. We would also like to go to Patagonia. Our last trip was to Mexico City which was a delight... The art and culture and design scene offers endless inspiration.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given? 
Do you! I know it’s so plain and simple, but don’t compare yourself to other people and what they’re doing. Focus on you and that’s all that matters. We are not here to please- your life is yours. See that out and be kind to yourself. 

Lastly, as we highlight strengths for the month of August, what strengths have gotten you through any hurdle you've come across? 
Patience and taking the time to respond to a challenge versus reacting to a problematic situation is something I have to practice constantly. I'm not sure those would necessarily be my strengths but are virtues that I am doing my best to foster. I've found with patience and taking a step back before diving full force into a situation the outcome is generally a lot smoother. 
K'era's latest collection of work on paper titled, Emotere.

For more updates, follow K'era on Instagram at @k_apostrophe and shop her collections here.

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