FALL IN LOVE: Liverpool Week

Liverpool Los Angeles invites you to join us for our second annual
Liverpool Week "Fall in Love!"
Throughout the week of October 24-29, we invite you to fall in love with yourself, your community, your environment, and to fall in love with the transition into the Fall/Winter season with Liverpool. 
Fall in Love with Self  
Today we take a moment to reflect on the ways we appreciate, nurture, and care for ourselves. We encourage you, your friends, and your family to write something you love about themselves or something you're reflecting on to share with others.
  •  Write yourself a letter or send your loved ones a postcard and let them know how much you appreciate them!

  • Listen to a short, guided meditation on Self Love and Reflection, with Liverpool's Pam Marcheski. Listen here

Don't forget to tag Liverpool and use the hashtag #LPLAFallinLove.
Fall in Love with Local Heroes
Today we celebrate and thank those who help support and positively impact the community, like our teachers, the post office, garbage men, UPS, firefighters, etc. Here are some ideas for how to support our local heroes:
  • Donate a meal and bring it to them.
  • Gift your delivery drivers something special.
  • Write a thank you note with some store coupons to give to a local teacher.
  • Use your social media to highlight a few community heroes that have made an impact on you
Don't forget to tag Liverpool and use the hashtag #LPLAFallinLove.
Fall in Love with Friends
Today is the day to express gratitude, and to gather and celebrate
with our friends!
  • Take a short video of you, your family, and friends in your favorite Liverpool attire dancing to your favorite fun song and share to social media.
  • Tag Liverpool and use hashtag #LPLAFallinLove. Liverpool will create something special with your videos!
  • Host a fun fall themed dinner party with friends and family. Create a beautiful back drop and provide props for selfies and photos!
  • Buy mirror markers and write a thoughtful or encouraging message on a mirror in your house for a family member to read.
  • Take a moment to reach out to the friends that mean the most and tell them how much you love and appreciate them.    

    Fall in Love with the Environment
    Today we make the time to connect with, enjoy, honor,
    appreciate and care for the spaces and places in nature
    we love!
    • Host an environmental event, i.e., pick up trash at a local park or clean up the beach. Make sure to take before and after pictures or pictures of your friends and family in action to show your impact.
    • Invite your friends to go on a hike or just spend time in nature. Share your favorite nature destinations near you on social media.
    Tag Liverpool @liverpoollosangeles and use hashtag #LPLAFallinLove
    • Reduce. Reuse. Recycle by hosting a donation drop off.
    • Support an environmental organization or initiative.   

      Fall in Love with Community
      What's at the heart of your community, and how are you
      helping to support? How can we give back to our community
      on this day in meaningful ways that have long-lasting impact?
      • Sponsor a local charity for the day with a small donation.
      • Collect cans of food or donate to local food bank.
      • Volunteer with your family at a local animal shelter.
      • Collect and donate gently used clothing/bedding/household items to local women's shelter or organization.    

        Fall in Love with Transitions
        Today let's have fun in our closets transitioning our
        wardrobes from Fall into Winter with Liverpool Style!
        • Share with us what you've 'Fallen in Love' with. Take a photo of you, your family member or friends in their favorite item or outfit and caption it with 'Fall in Love with_(insert item)_and tell us why they love it and how they style it.  Tag Liverpool @liverpoollosangeles and use hashtag #LPLAFallinLove.
        • Create a beautiful fall floral arrangements for your space, burn fall scented candles and drink pumpkin spice lattes or cider for that fall festive feel!
        • Share your favorite fall pieces and how to style an essential classic a variety of ways, and transition a Liverpool item from casual, to work, to cocktail hour.

        We can't wait to see how you Fall in Love this week! 

        With Love, 
        By Liverpool  
        Make sure to tag Liverpool on Instagram @liverpoollosangeles and use the hashtag #LPLAFallinLove!

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