This Earth Day we are highlighting the work of Lis Rohm, accomplished television and film actor and environmental activist. From her work with Liverpool's environmental partner Global Green, to her insightful Respect Talks podcasts, Lis has been at the forefront of climate and eco education for years. We met up with Lis recently and roamed the paths near Ojai, future site of Global Green's Climate Park, an eco-educational park for all ages. As we near the 52nd anniversary of Earth Day we asked Lis about her work and her ecological hopes for the future.
How and when did you become a voice for environmental change? Was there as significant event that called you to action?
"It was at my first Global Green event, shortly thereafter Katrina hit and I realized that global warming was intrinsically connected to disasters on our planet. I've been a volunteer for the American Red Cross for over 20 years and my passion for environmentalism was born there"
There have been significant changes made in the fashion world around eco-friendly production. Have you seen any changes in the entertainment world surrounding ecology?
"Film production is a very wasteful industry but in the last several years a lot more sets have been "greened over' particularly when actors insist on it. Sets can do many things from eliminating plastic water bottles and giving the crew reusable water bottles to using veggie generators and reducing waste wherever possible."

The film 'Don't Look Up' was a fictitious yet eye-opening look at government's reaction to scientific data. Do you think there are similar reactions to climate change?

"The film 'Don't Look Up' is a satire about the government's denial of a comet about to hit the planet It's a major commentary on how the public reacts to environmental news. I think it resonates."

On a personal note, what are your hopes
for the future regarding eco-change?

"My hope is that everyone becomes a little more conscious and takes action in their own way. No step Is too small, everyone can make a difference."

RESPECT TALK with Liverpool Creative Director Jill Perilman

Jill joined Elisabeth Rohm and other panel members, and discussed the importance of sustainability last week durning Lis's Respect Talk broadcast.


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