Designing Empowering Looks

em·pow·er·ment The process of becoming stronger and more confident, power given to someone to be their best. That’s the dictionary definition, but Liverpool adds a deeper level of empowerment to every style they make.When creative director and co-founder Jill Perilman of Liverpool Los Angeles designs a collection, she considers confidence and self-expression as forms of empowerment.

Giving her customers the right looks for the right occasions... leaving them satisfied, confident and self-expressed.

Jill and her team look at what’s needed within their own wardrobes, which translate into the new collection. “What new shapes and silhouettes feel right that we don’t have in our closets. What colors, fabrics and styling will be strong. Denim is a big part of Liverpool, and we pay close attention to new leg styles, detailing and finishes... What will give our customer's confidence?”

Working closely with her design team, she empowers and embraces their ideas, enhancing and elevating the “Liverpool Aesthetic” in the process. 

In tandem is fabric development, knowing their customers lead full active lives, the final garments need to not only look elevated but feel soft and comfortable all day. Liverpool strives for the highest quality, not only in construction, but also in materials which in most cases are better than more expensive premium brands.

Then there is the “Liverpool Fit". Jill is a fit fanatic! With over 30 years of fit experience, she oversees the tailoring of each garment to perfection. The perfect fit it is one of the keys to Liverpool's success. Not only does each piece fit, but sizing is consistent within the collection.“We’ve taken the guesswork out of fit for our customers. Once she finds what she loves, she can buy that size in every style we make. It should be easy... Who has time for returns?” Jill adds. The satisfaction level in design, fit and comfort is high with Liverpool aficionados. “When you look and feel confident in your clothes, it takes you to a new level”.
SHOP ESPRESSO & CREAMEmpowerment goes beyond the design room. Liverpool sells to thousands of women-owned businesses across the country. Liverpool's goal is to provide these stores with a consistent flow of collections that are easy for their clients to create their own look and feel great. The Liverpool team also embraces the input from these customers and their clients, incorporating their suggestions into new designs. It’s important to the nearly all-women design team that these stores are equally successful and profitable. That’s empowerment.

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