5 Inspiring Pieces Of Clothing To Give (Or Keep) As A Holiday Gift

GRAZIA USAAs the holidays approach, these are the gifts that will delight everyone on your list! Shop Liverpool L.A. for the perfect pieces of clothing to gift this holiday season — GRAZIA USA

Liverpool Los Angeles is the perfect go-to fashion solution this holiday season, for both women and men who lead full active lives. And what better way to double up on your shopping than for Liverpool to also be the perfect gift giving destination? That is why GRAZIA has selected five of our absolute favorite finds from their fantastic Holiday Collection to help you shop instant “under the tree” winners.

1. The Zip Out Hooded Blazer $129 Shop Now

Three ways to wear this look makes it the perfect gift for any woman needing a quick change on-the-go! Wear alone for a dressed up look, or add a hoodie underneath — which can zip out in an instant — to shift this boyfriend style blazer to a casual piece of clothing. You can also pair with the matching slim leg trousers and voila! You have a full-on pantsuit.

2. The Long Black Sweater $129 Shop Now

Put this fabulous long black sweater over any look to add a chic layer of style. Here at GRAZIA, we love to pair it with an all-white wardrobe to create a bold, graphic statement — but, of course, it will work with virtually any color of clothing. This soft sweater is perfect for cool days, but light enough to wear all year-round.

3. The Plaid Gia Glider $89 Shop Now

Liverpool's famous patented Gia Glider gets a rich holiday plaid enhancement. This slimming and sexy style works great with their quilted Moto jacket, or dressed down with a sweater. Super versatile, this Gia Glider looks stunning throughout the holiday season and into the New Year.

4. The Perfect Cozy Cardigan $109

The classic cardigan is back, and Liverpool’s emerald green take is more fabulous than any other find. It is a super cozy style, yet sophisticated, which is why we love it paired tonally for a trendy monochromatic moment. Add their jacquard camo pant and this is a killer look for any woman who loves to ramp up classic dressing.

5. Knit Mock Neck with Pencil Stripe Sleeve and Rolled Hem $79 Shop Now

A perfect black pencil thin line down the sleeve of this soft knitwear style makes this a gift that’s easily a knockout. It is both lightweight and easy to wear, and it is a subtle signature piece that can elevate any look instantly.

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