Welcome To The New LVPL

We have got something new for you and it’s a collection you’re not going to want to miss.


Welcome to the new elevated LVPL Capsule designed by denim expert Jill Perilman and our incredible design team.  This is the denim that will make people stop and ask you where you got your jeans from.  It is a true work of jean-ius…see what we did there. We have stepped up, so you can step out more confident, bold, and more fabulous than ever!  This capsule is a more editorial, runway vibe stepping out of our conventional and classic designs. Don’t let the term runway scare you, all that means is we’ve created a jean for you that will be a statement on it’s own.  We know you guys are hustling, working hard, everyday so what better thing for us to make than a piece that requires no effort but will match your confidence and fearless attitude as you walk out the door?  You can finally have a statement outfit effortlessly—all you need is a pair of our Spring Capsule jeans and then fun basics from your own closet to complete the look.  It’s that simple.


We were inspired by a vintage, floral feel because it’s a timeless vibe.  With heavy embellishments and embroidery, we were able to create six bold jeans that subtly scream “I am on-trend without even trying”. 

We want to share a couple of our favorites starting with the white cropped wide leg.  This is such a unique look for denim, yet so manageable for us non-runway models to wear in everyday life. 


Next, were all about the wide leg pant with the slit contrast detail…these are everything. This pant perfectly depicts what denim should be, a statement. 



Let the denim do the work.  From one woman sitting in an office to the next, these are jeans that will make you walk a little stronger and stand a little taller.  Welcome to the new LVPL.  Oh, and don’t think we’re stopping here, the design team are already creating our LVPL Fall Capsule.

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