This is a new story about the future GETTING BACK TO WHERE YOU ONCE BELONGED
Trust and partnership are the foundation we’ve built the Liverpool Los Angeles brand upon.
With this spirit in mind, we are introducing our
to help you get a leg up in this new world we’re now in.
Our partnership with you is extremely important to us, and your success as a business is an important part of our business.
We are in this together.
In an effort to help you build your business we are offering Liverpool Loyalty Reward Dollars, allowing you to get new Liverpool products onto your floor, offer a wider selection, and generate sales. Based upon your loyalty status we will issue our Loyalty Reward Dollars in incremental values.
LIVERPOOL LOYALTY REWARD DOLLARS Stimulus Elite $5000 Stimulus Black Diamond $3000 Stimulus Gold $2000 Stimulus Silver $1500 Stimulus Bronze $750
Contact your sales representative for additional qualifying details. As we move forward, we look forward, to our continued partnership.
This is a new story about the future. One we will write together.