Jeans That Help Your Busy Body Wear Its Confidence

You’ve seen the words on many of our jeans: “4-Way stretch technology”.
So what exactly does this mean? 


4-way stretch is a compression fabric blend that
contours and shapes your figure, making you look
one size smaller.  Your body’s most confident
shape is just one jean away! 

While the fabric lifts, 4-way stretch control technology keeps everything
in place. This jean doesn’t restrict your comfort or freedom of
movement, so your busy body can keep on moving. 

With all this fabric does for you, it won’t
bag out at the end of the day.  Fold up your 4-way
stretch contour jeans and wear them again tomorrow to
get the same fit and feel they gave you at the first wear. 


In these jeans, you may never look back.  

Now in various styles including our popular Sienna Pull-On,
the Abby Skinny and the Remy Hugger Straight...
there’s a 4-way stretch fit for everyone. 

4-Way Stretch Styles

Sienna Pull-on | Lynx
Piper Hugger Ankle | Blackout Blue
Remy Hugger Straight | Corvus

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Does Liverpool have a flare jean

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