Edit Your Wardrobe: The Love-it or Leave-it Method

Fall calls for a closet overhaul. Cooler weather makes us long for sweaters, but it also inspires us to rediscover the styles we love wearing, regardless of the season.

It can be daunting to decide which clothes, shoes and accessories are the real keepers, but we’ve found it’s easier with our Love-It-or-Leave-It Method. It works like this: Do you love it? Then, keep it. Have you worn it in the last year? No? Then leave it, sell it or give it away. It’s all about drilling down to the timeless pieces you’ll reach for again and again.

We admit that there will always be a few items that challenge the method (e.g., the dress kept for sentimental reasons or a hopelessly out-of-date skirt that’s your favorite anyway). But that’s why we’ve rounded up a list of effortless essentials to keep in mind while you decide what to love…or leave. 

Here are 5 pieces that every closet needs (and best of all, they’re under $100): 

The Perfect-Fitting Skinny Jean

A mid-rise jean with a sculpted fit and 4-way stretch? Yes, please. The Abby Skinny is an incredibly soft, beautifully made jean that you can dress up, dress down and wear year-round.


The Take-Charge Trouser

Who wears the pants? You do. Rise to the top in our ultra-soft Kelsey Knit Trouser and check out the length – it’s perfect for showing off boss-lady heels.


The Must-Have Moto

Nothing signals confidence like a classic-cool jacket. Our Coated Moto puts a new spin on the iconic design with a tempting texture.


The Flattering Boyfriend

You know when you’ve found the one: You look and feel oh-so-comfortable together. A mid-rise jean like our Peyton Slim Boyfriend unites a slightly roomy fit with a feminine shape and a hint of stretch for a look that’s captivatingly confident.


The Black Legging

Multiplying your look is easy with our Madonna Legging. It’s a core basic that works day and night, combining effortless elegance with supreme comfort.


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