3 Ways to Look Vibrant In Grey

Yes, grey is a statement color. Not only does grey work with every other hue, it’s effortless, season-less and immediately chic. This new Liverpool collection has a lot of love for grey - and what message it sends has everything to do with how you wear it.

Here’s how to wear it:  

 Abby Skinny in Meteorite $79 

  1. Find the Perfect Fit.  Wearing grey does not mean you’ll blend in. If your pieces fit your body perfectly, there is no bolder look. Our Abby Skinny Jeans are famous for that. They have incredible structure, while still being soft to the touch. The stretch shapes every curve, yet the recovery means they’ll never bag out in an unflattering way. Most people say this is the best skinny jean you’ll ever wear - we say get one in every color (especially grey). Stay on top of the trend by pairing grey with an 'it' fall color like mauve.   


Sienna Pull On Legging in Meteorite $79

  1. Go Monochrome. Take a cue from the classic all black, and wear all grey. Even in a variety of washes and finishes, different shades of grey love to go together. It’s practically fool proof. Start with our Sienna Pull Ons with a secretly elastic waistband that lays flat on your body, making them perfect for everyday wear. 


Pleated Front Denim Jacket $96

  1. Attention to Detail. Tailoring is everything - it’s how to achieve both a soft silhouette and a sharp contour. You’ll get a ton of wear out of a denim jacket that fits well, but a few thoughtful details give your piece a lasting edge. Try our Pleated Denim Jacket with front seaming that expertly flatters the body, and comfort stretch that feels like your favorite sweatshirt. This is your grey go-to, elevating any outfit with ease. 


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Looooove gray! Great styles too <3

Nathalie October 13, 2017

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